Our Mission

As a church, our mission is simply: To reach out and grow a Bible-center community that forms a loving family.

We are guided on this mission by four key values that help us define ourselves.

  • We are Word Centered. Valley Community Church values the teaching of the Bible verse-by-verse in its entirety.  We desire to live lives that are informed and shaped by Scripture.  We structure our gatherings in such a way that keeps the study of the Word as a focus.
  • We desire Spirit-led Worship.  Our worship services are designed to be gatherings where we meet with the living God.  We are invited to engage with God in musical worship, prayer, and giving all with the purpose of encountering the One who impacts us and transforms us.
  •  We are called to Spiritual Growth.  Therefore, we look for ways to encourage this growth.  We desire our church family to be one that is constantly maturing and moving forward in our walk with our Savior.  
  • We want to cultivate Servant Hearts.  With Jesus as the perfect example of this, we try to create opportunities to infuse our lives with service both in the church family and in our community.

It’s all about Jesus